Creating and Marketing a podcast

Over the past month, I have been creating a podcast focused on interviewing people in marketing and operations positions to gain a better understanding of those roles and how to thrive in them.

This all started with a different podcast that I started a long time ago that I considered a failure. I considered it to be a failure for multiple reasons — there was no clear topic of focus, I didn’t understand how to properly market the podcast, I didn’t understand how to create a podcast website, and I didn’t understand how to organize and prepare projects.

But over the past few months, I entered into a rigorous program called Praxis, where they instill knowledge and technical skills of various business practices and tools into you. During the course of this, I saw the perfect opportunity to create a podcast that focuses upon furthering my knowledge and skills in regards to my passions: marketing and operations. With a secondary goal of becoming a resource to other people to gain knowledge of marketing and operations positions and the skills to thrive in them.

So I now had a clear topic of focus for this podcast, I understood how to create a marketing campaign, and how to properly organize and plan for a project such as this. Now came the time to push my skills the furthest they’ve been pushed.

Then came the time to implement the project, refine my skills and gain new skills in the process. This project consisted of a few different parts which I broke down into four weeks out of the month. 

Week 1

In week one of my project, I focused on figuring out what kind of project to do. Once I figured out I wanted to create a podcast and market it, I realized the project should be about how to create a podcast and market it. So people who are interested in creating a podcast can have a resource to learn from. This week specifically focuses on the planning stage of my project.

Week 2

The second week of my project focused on the various tools you’ll be needing to start a podcast such as recording/editing software, microphones, a hosting website. And then I recorded my first three episodes, with editing for the first two episodes being finished that week.

Week 3

In the third week of my project, I showed the basics of editing. In addition, I created the logo for my podcast; I also focused on researching SEO and how it relates to podcasts.

Week 4

In the final week of my project, I showcased why SEO is important and how to use it for podcasts. I also used the knowledge I learned from my podcast guests to start learning more about Canva. And the final part of this week focused upon revisions and uploading everything.

Skills I Learned and Utilized in the Creation of the Podcast:

Reflecting on Purpose and Experience

There were two purposes of my project: the first was to showcase how to create a podcast for people who are interested in starting a podcast, and the second was to learn more about marketing and operations and utilize those skills in the marketing of the podcast. I’m at a stage in my life where I know what I’m interested in, marketing and operations, and I want to increase my knowledge and skills. This project was the perfect opportunity to take action on that. The specific topic of my podcast is to interview people in positions relating to marketing and operations to learn more about their roles, responsibilities, tools they use, and skills needed to succeed in those roles.

I enjoyed this month immensely. It was something new that I didn’t have much knowledge in doing before, but the process of learning how to do it and improving myself weekly was enjoyable. Going from bad audio quality and editing skills in episode one to great audio and editing in episode 4 is an amazing feeling and showcases the growth in my abilities over this month from my dedication.

What I Would Have Done Differently

Over this month, I’ve learned a lot, but there are some things that I would do differently. I definitely would have written my show notes as I edited the audio for each episode, and then go back and optimize them for SEO. I would have done that specifically because I held off publishing my episodes until I finished the show notes and transcripts, but getting a podcast on the big directories like Apple, Spotify, and Google can take time, and the episodes need to be published. The other big thing I would have done differently is schedule or follow up with my guests ALL in the first week, that way I could’ve had a fifth episode by the end of the month.

Ultimately the project is a huge learning experience, I learned a variety of new skills, further honed skills I already had and learned what not to do. This project can be a great guide for people to start their own podcasts and save time in doing so. 

We are always learning, so I’ll always be a student and ready for growth. I will continue to work on this podcast, learning new tools, and advancing my knowledge and skills. Thank you for checking out my project and don’t forget to check out my website for further projects and posts!